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Social conditions 


The province's average population in 2008 accounts for 582.7 thousand persons, expected to be 614,000 by 2010, in which urban population accounts for 34.2%.

Average population density is 172 people/km2, but unevenly distributes, concentrated mainly in the coastal plain area. In Ninh Thuan there are 3 principal nationalities -- the Kinhs account for 78%, the Chams for 12%, the Raglays for 9%; and other ethnic groups.

The population in labor age is of 350,000, accounting for 60.7%; and of 380,000 estimated by 2010. The rate of trained labor force is of 18% presenty, and of 25-30% by 2010. This quite rich labor force is expected to meet the demand on labor for investment projects deployed in the province.


The system of general education, as well as boarding schools, has been set up in all districts and townships. There are also various professional and vocational schools, such as Teacher's college, Political school, Center No. 2 of High school for irrigation works, Vocational Intermediate school and district, city -level Centers for vocational education. These training institutions are charged of promoting the professional level and working skill of laborers.


At the provincial level, there are one 800-bed polyclinic, one regional hospital with modern facilities and specialized medical centers. In all districts and communes, there are medical centers and stations. Presently, a new modern 500-bed polyclinic for satisfying the population's demand on medical examination and treatment is just under construction.