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Industrial Production Field
Project of canned food production factory 

a. Project name:

Canned food production factory

b. Objectives:

Construction of canned food of all types (such as cattle and poultry meats and aquatic products) for domestic consumption and export.

c. Location:

In industrial zones of Phuoc Nam, Du Long or at Ca Na port.

d. Investment ownership:

Domestic, joint venture or foreign invested enterprise.

e. Designed capacity:

At least 2,000 tone of finished product per year

f. Estimated investment capital: 50-60 billion VND

g. Favorable conditions for project implementation:

- Ninh Thuan now has 110,000 heads of cow (of which Sind bred is over 22%), over 100,000 heads of and over 200,000 heads of goat and sheep. By 2010, total expected cow, goat and sheep will reach 170,000, 280,000 and 100,000 heads respectively. Ninh Thuan has favorable climate for raising large cattle.

- Raw material sources for seafood processing are mainly exploited locally from local fishing and farming.

h. Investment incentive policies:

To be entitled investment incentives in accordance with current regulations of Government.