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Project of Thai An eco-tourism area for turtles preservation 

a. Project title:

Thai An eco-tourism area for turtles preservation

b. Location:

Thai An hamlet, Vinh Hai commune, Ninh Hai district

c. Objectives:

Serving for tourists, scientists and other people coming to study about the sea turtles in Ninh Thuan.

d. Ownership:

Domestic or 100% foreign capital.

e. Investment contents:

Conference centre, high grade villas and hotels; Sport and entertainment centre, green-tree park; Turtle observation points and museum.

f. Scale and total investment capital:

Area scale: 50 ha; Estimated investment capital: 250-300 billion VND.

g. Advantages for the project implementation:

- Sea turtle is one of rare species of animals that are preserved and developed in the area with the help from the World Wild Fund (WWF). There are five main species of turtles in which the yellow one is extremely rare, found only in Ninh Thuan province. The preservation and development of these species of turtles is helpful for scientific researches, environmental education and international co-operation in the field of natural preservation. Besides, it is a place to attract visitors.

- The location to perform the project is close to the Nui Chua national garden, belonging to the national special forests system, near the seaside. It is a place to preserve the biological variety of the ecosystem of drought forests and the sea in the North of Central region with rare species of plants and animals.

h. Investment incentive policies:

To be entitled investment incentives in accordance with current regulations of Government.