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Tourism Field
Project of Sat River Lake, Raglay cultural and eco-tourism resort 

a. Project title:

Sat River Lake cultural and eco-tourism resort

b. Location:

Phuoc Dai commune, Bac Ai district, Ninh thuan province.

c. Objectives:

Exploiting cultural and eco-tourism potential of Raglay people in Sat River Lake area.

d. Ownership:

Domestic, joint-venture, or 100% foreign capital.

e. Project scale:

About 100 ha, the project is a combination of eco-tourism, Raglay ethnic culture, tourism-convalescence, Bac Ai Museum and Pinang Tac heroic stone-trap and Phuoc Binh National Park.

f. Investment capital: 400 - 450 billion VND.

g. Advantages for the project implementation:

- The Sat River Reservoir with capacity 60 million cubic meter of water with many specific ecosystem to be protected. This is especially suitable for various kinds of  adventurous tourism together with mountain-climb and open tourism.

- This area is inhabited for generations by more than 4,000 people of Raglai ethnic minority enriched with a great deal of cultural customs and traditions.

- The area is close to 1A, 27B National Roads, 40 km away from Cam Ranh Airport and 80 km from Nha Trang city. 

h. Investment incentive policies:

To be entitled investment incentives in accordance with current regulations of the Government.