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Project of Khanh Hai marine tourism area 

a. Project title:

Khanh Hai marine tourism Area

b. Location:

Administrative area of Ninh Hai district, Khanh Hai town; Ninh Hai district linking with the planned tourism area of Binh Son - Ninh Chu.

c. Objectives:

Construction of a marine tourism area combining with resort zone.

d. Ownership:

Domestic, joint-venture, or 100% foreign capital.

e. Project scale:

About 5 ha. Three-four-star hotel, seminars, workshops, complex services serving tourists will be constructed in this place.

f. Investment capital: 60 – 70 billion VND.

g. Advantages for the project implementation:

- Project site is situated in Binh Son - Ninh Chu beach, fresh marine environment, favorable transportation. Khanh Hai tourism area is the centre linked by Ninh Chu and Vinh Hy tourism zones.

- Good power and water supply systems.

h. Investment incentive policies:

Entitled highest incentives in accordance with the current regulations of the Government.