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Industrial Production Field
Project of Aqua-product processing factory for Exports 

a. Project name:

Export aqua culture-processing factory.

b. Objectives:

Newly constructing frozen aquatic product processing factory for export, contributing to high product value and stabilizing local aquaculture production.

c. Location:

Fishery logistics services areas at Ninh Chu and Ca Na fishing ports or in industrial zones of Du Long and Phuoc Nam.

d. Investment ownership:

Domestic, joint venture or foreign invested enterprise.

e. Designed capacity:

At least 20,000 tone of processed products per year

f. Estimated investment capital: 45-50 billion VND

g. Favorable conditions for project implementation:

- Ninh Thuan is one of four national main fishing grounds, having fishing production of over 40,000 tons annually with many valuable species for export processing. Shrimp raising production is about 5,000 tons per year.

- Good physical and technical facilities for fishery: 2 fishery logistics service centers at Ca Na and Ninh Chu fishing ports, which is attracting many fishing ships boats to land and exchange goods. Especially, Ca Na port is being developed into a regional fishery logistics services center.

- Construction site is near to national transportation networks such as National Highway No 1, North - South railway with Thap Cham and Ca Na stations, 40- 60 km and 10 - 20 km from Ba Ngoi (Cam Ranh) port and Ca Na salt port, having good information and communication infrastructure with national power network expanded to project area.

h. Investment incentive policies:

To be entitled investment incentives in accordance with current regulations of Government.